How to Become an Awesome Skier Overnight

I ski like a girl, and I’m damn proud of it.  Try and keep up.

Keep Your Chin Up

I was recently skiing with one of my girl crushes, Leah Evans at her Girls Do Ski Expert Backcountry Skiing Camp, when she was giving us tips on how to ski trees.  She told us to “Keep our chins up,” because when we start to lack confidence and fear starts to kick in we try to nestle up in a little ball which means our chins go to our chests and our line of sight goes down.  By keeping your chin up you automatically put yourself into a powerful, more confident position, and it helps that you’ll be able to see those “surprise” trees when they pop up.


Always be 2 Turns Ahead

Planning your route is more than just looking down at the run you are about to ski, it’s also about knowing when and where you are going to execute each turn.  The pro’s can usually plan a whole line while standing at the top of a run, but in the beginning just try and plan 2 turns ahead.  That way you’re not surprised when a tree or mogul comes in your path and you’re able to act not react.  


Push Yourself

View every time you get on your skis as a learning opportunity and a chance to improve your abilities, even if it’s just a little bit.  They say practice makes perfect, but practicing the same green run over and over again isn’t going to get you skiing spines in Alaska by the end of the season.  But trying runs that are a little harder than you’re used to, or even taking a little jump or skiing glades, will make your strengths and weakness more apparent and in the end improve your skiing.



Take a photo. Send it us. Then get back up.  There’s an old saying on the slopes that says, “If you ain’t falling, you ain’t trying”, or something along those lines, I might have made it up, but none the less it’s true.  You tend to fall when you’re pushing yourself and trying new things.  So what if you fell when you hit that mogul weird, or you didn’t quite land that jump, see it as an opportunity to learn and grow as a skier.  The best of the best fall, we see it on all ski films. Just view it as a sign of encouragement, not discouragement.  And be sure to laugh a little bit, get a photo and send it us so we can feature you on your “Monday’s” Instagram post.  Because the only thing better than learning from your fall is having it published on Instagram. 😉



If you find yourself in a skiing trance or that you’re reacting to everything in your path and you feel out of control, stop.  Take a second to reset.  Reset your stance, reset your mind, take a breath, enjoy the view, take a selife, whatever you need to recollect yourself.  A two second reset check can make a world of difference, and make your run more enjoyable.  


The Most Important Tip: Smile & Have Fun

The best skiers are the ones that are smiling.  The ones that are laughing and having fun regardless of their ability.  We all started somewhere, and just because you maybe can’t do a double backie or effortlessly ski a couloir, doesn’t make you any less awesome of a skier.  The most awesome skiers that I have skied with are the ones that keep me smiling and laughing throughout the day, because skiing is fun!




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