Ski Like a Girl: Girls Do Ski Freeski Camps

I ski like a girl, and I’m damn proud of it.  Try and keep up.     

Choose dare (KH 2016 Camp) // Photo: Jess MacNeil-Mah


Ski culture has always been predominantly male.   But that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.   I’m loving how girls are starting to become more prevalent in ski movies and the ski community.  But still for so long I only really skied with boys, or my dad.  I was longing for girls I could connect with over skiing.

Enter Girls Do Ski.


Tribe Pow Wow (Revy 2015 Camp)  // Photo: Jess MacNeil-Mah


Leah Evans started this amazing organization to bring girls together through skiing.  Girls Do Ski runs freeski camps at resorts, cat skiing and backcountry touring.  Expert coaches and professional skiers guide groups of girls of varying abilities around the mountain encouraging fun and adventure while also tweaking and introducing new ski skills.  They push you to challenge yourself, to ski runs you never thought you could, to jump off that rock, and to ski in front of a camera.  You also get the opportunity to meet tons of girls who are also passionate about skiing.


Playing a little game called Truth or Dare (KH 2016 Camp) // Photo: Jess MacNeil-Mah


I have been lucky enough to participate in 3 resort freeski camps (Kicking Horse 2014, Revelstoke 2015, and Kicking Horse 2016).  Not only did I come away a better, more confident skier, I bonded with so many girls and coaches and have grown my ski squad.  There’s nothing better than having a solid group of girls encourage and cheer each other on.   The days are loaded with skiing, dancing, high fives, “Woo’s”, great food and laughs.  And if your lucky your coach will blast Beibs while you’re slogging up a boot pack to motivate you.  I could write a novel about how amazing these camps are, but I think you should just take the chance and see for yourself.


Ski Like a Girl (KH 2016 Camp) // Photo: Agathe Bernard Photography


They also have an annual Under 20 camp where they pick girls under the age of 20 to participate in a freeski or educational camp free of charge.  Last year they gave 12 girls the chance to take their AST Level 1.  It’s so amazing to give these young girls a head start on some backcountry skills and the knowledge and confidence to safely play outside during the winter.


Beib’s & boot packs go hand in hand (KH 2016 Camp) // Photo: Jess MacNeil-Mah


Oh, and they have awesome merchandise and give away a ton of swag and prizes at each camp.  Who doesn’t want more hats or stickers??  Or the chance to win a new pair of skis?!


If you’ve got it flaunt it // Photo: Jess MacNeil-Mah


So start doing your snow dances ladies!! These are some opportunities you don’t want to miss.  Camp registration and dates drop November 1!!

To register in a camp or get more information visit: Girls Do Ski

Follow them on Instagram or Facebook



#squadgoals // Photo: Zoya Lynch Photography


Happy shredding Mountain Betches!!


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