Mountain Man Crush Monday: Dan Kilburn

With the end of ski season fast approaching we knew we needed to squeeze in one more pow chasing, heart stealing Mountain Man Crush.

Enter Paix.

We’ve always been a sucker for blondes // Photog: Association of Canadian Mountain Dogs

Oops, sorry, that must be the concussion. We’ve done it again.  We’ve fallen.  Falling is not unusual for us, it usually consists of a lot of squealing, and flailing, while still looking totally adorable.  When we met Dan, we fell, and we fell hard. It was like we had tomahawked one of those dream Alaskan spines, top to bottom.  The only saving grace is that we hopefully needed mouth to mouth and Dan, being one of Lake Louise’s finest ski patrollers, would come to our rescue.

Enter Dan Kilburn.

I moustache “How you doin’?” // Photog: Drew Nylen

We first met Dan, bright and early one morning in the Lake Louise Ski Patrol cache.  Since we weren’t fully caffeinated yet, we thought he was a mirage, and we had yet again fallen asleep while trying to put our boots on.  After some awkward poking and pinching (not the cheeks on his face…) we realized luck was on our side and our dreams had become a reality.

“Hello Ski Patrol, we need assistance, our loins are burning.” // Photog: Dave Petch

We refer to him as “Hot Dan.”  Not the most creative nickname, but when you’re thinking of which comb you should use to comb his fabulous moustache you can’t focus on much else.  His moustache isn’t the only thing that makes “Hot Dan” a true Mountain Man, it’s in his genes. Dan’s grandfather was a mountain man born in Trail, BC,  who smuggled what he says were the first metal edged skis into Canada back from Germany in the 40’s. He then proceeded to backcountry ski around Rossland and later around Whistler.  His Dad and uncles were also all ski bums in the late 60’s and 70’s, so Dan learned at an early age how to hang like a bad ass, and throw a mean Cossack.  We’ve seen it, it makes us wanna spread eagle, all night long.

L.A.M.E. Founders, more like BABE Founders  // Photog: Mad Dog Maddy

During the winter you can find Dan saving lives on the reg as an Assistant Ski Patrol Supervisor for the Lake Louise Ski Patrol.  We may or may not be guilty of “twisting our knee” and calling “Hot Dan” to our rescue.  We’ve always pictured our knight in shining armour showing up riding the latest Salomons, toboggan in tow, instead of a horse and carriage.  Lets face it, Full Tilts are way more our style than a glass slipper.

13150085_10153585986416911_1270912393_n (1)
Nothing better than a hunk, pup and skiing // Photog: Drew Nylen

He is also the Technical Director for the IFSA Big Mountain Series, he’s part of them team that helps organize wicked competitions like Lake Louise’s Big Mountain Comp.  When he’s not rescuing damsels in distress and assisting with some of the biggest ski comps around, you’ll find Dan showing off for the ladies by rappelling into couloirs, back flipping, cuddling his pups, Paix and Finn, and slashing pow lines in the backcountry. Little does he know he had us at hello, but we’re not going to let him know that, we don’t want the stream of dreamy insta-pics to stop.

As “Hot Dan’s” dropping back flips, we’re dropping our pants // Photog: Fred “Friday Night Fred” Giroux

In the summers Dan is the Director of Outward Bound’s Rocky Mountain School out of Canmore.  An organization that helps get youth and adults outdoors by teaching them skills and risk management strategies while adventuring in the wilderness.  If you’re ever in the Banff/Kootenay/Yoho National Park area, you’ll probably find Dan cruising around in is betchin’ VW Westfalia, whitewater kayaking, biking, and backpacking, always with a L.A.M.E. (Loosely Associated Mountain Experts) group at his side.

Mistaya canyon isn’t the only thing that’s wet… // Photog: Nick the Noodle

According to Dan the only thing missing is a mountain betch to become his mountain bae. He’s hoping to find his wilderness princess charming, mountain maiden, lady of the wood that’ll want to ski some powder, drink some beer and play in the mountains with his L.A.M.E. friends.  All we can say is,  “can we have yo number?” 😉

Can we get front row seats to this gun show? // Photog: Phil B. LaMontane

We suggest insta-creeping “Hot Dan” at:  daniel_kilburn

Also check out L.A.M.E.

If you feel you have the stuff to be a #MMCM or if you would like to nominate a rugged stud you know, fire us an email

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