Savasana Sundays: Lizard Pose

Maybe you’ve spent the weekend hitting the slopes or maybe just got down a little too low on the dance floor last night. Either way, our bods can always use a little stretch!  Enter Savanasa Sundays.  

This week: lizard pose.  Lizard can be a great release for tight hips, especially if you love peak bagging or have to pay the bills with the ever so docile desk job.  Even if you’re an advanced yogi this isn’t a move I would recommend jumping into straight off your couch. Start with a few sun salutations or whatever warm up is calling your name.

From downward dog, step the right foot up beside your right thumb, drop your left knee. Check to make sure the right knee is stacking on top of, and not past, the ankle.


Begin to walk the right foot out to the edge of your mat, or slightly wider than your shoulders, right foot turned out about 45 degrees.


Let your hips sink towards the ground. Place the palms of your hands onto the floor. Continue to pull your right hip crease back gently. You may choose to slowly lower your forearms onto blocks or the ground.  Resist the urge to drop your head and collapse through the mid-back, keep your head up yogi!


Option to curl those back left toes under and lift the back knee if you need a little more sweet heat.


Breathe! This pose can be intense, hold for 5-10 long breaths. If you’re panting, or you’ve stopped breathing all together, allow yourself to back off. Listen to that gorgeous bod and never proceed with a pose if there is pain.  Make your way out slowly and walk it out in down dog.

Once you’ve completed both sides and you’re back in down dog, drop to hands and knees, open both knees wide and allow the toes to come into touch. Extend the arms in front of you as you lower your forehead to the ground for child’s pose, my all-time favourite.  

Lizard is a great way to stretch into your hips, including the hip flexors, hammies and adductors. It can be done independently as a cool down after a long slog, or incorporated into part of a daily practice if you’re seriously dedicated and trying to improve your spread eagle game.  

Namaste Mountain Betches.  

– Dannie
FullSizeRender-4.jpgDannie Hoult is our resident yogi Mountain Betch.  She loves hiking and snowboarding just as much as napping on her mat and calling it “Savasana.”  Her dedication to yoga for the past 10 years inspired her to complete her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Santosha in May 2015.  Since then she has been teaching a flow style class at the Uplands Community Centre and providing the rest of us Mountain Betches with tips and tricks on how to get zen while stretching our hammies.  We’re glad to have her as part of our squad to help keep us limber and prevent injury while we’re showing off and trying to nab those instagram worthy pics.  


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