Mountain Man Wanted: Speeding Dating, Axe Throwing Edition

Speed dating: we’ve all heard of it but have never really had the balls to actually sign up.  To be honest, sitting across a table from a stranger making small talk for 5 minutes or less, while simultaneously trying to picture the rest of your life with them, has never sounded appealing.  Until axes became involved.  

This past Thursday, I subjected myself (and of course one of the squad members)  to the experience that is speed dating at one of Calgary’s newest hangouts: Axe Throwing YYC, hosted by It’s Date Night. We were on a mission to find ourselves a lumberjack husband.  Or at least be able to learn how to throw an axe properly.  Let’s face it, I was more excited about the latter.

One of the perks of speed dating, or so I have been told, is the organization.  A plan is made before hand which allows for each single to mingle with members of the opposite sex for a certain amount of time.  Usually that time is just long enough to judge whether you’ll make cute babies and find out what superpower they wish they had. At the end of the evening, cards are handed out to each participant and you are able to discretely mark down who you would like to get to know better.  If you and your love interest both felt the connection, the event coordinators provide both of you with the other’s contact information.  

Speed dating is an axe-perience we’ll never forget. // Photog: Jess MacNeil-Mah

Unfortunately, this event lacked that one positive quality speed dating had going for it.  Who knows if it was the excitement around throwing axes, the wannabe lumberjacks and janes, or the lack of adult bevies that turned this into a forced, awkward, disorganized singles mixer.  Instead of getting the opportunity to meet each suitor individually, we were all left in a chaotic sea of axes, plaid and slight desperation, clinging to anyone who was within reach or looked liked they’d throw us a lifeline.  

To end the night off, a 10 minute warning was given to go get those phone numbers you were after.  No anonymity, no discretion, just an audience of singles gazing around the room and mentally preparing for the realization that no one might ask for their phone number.

Needless to say, neither of us are designing plaid wedding dresses and reserving a cake that looks like a tree and would inevitably be cut with an axe.  We did however, learn that we are pretty decent at throwing axes and may have developed a new hobby.  

It did however inspire us to try and host our own event.  Who’s interested in trying to find the Mountain Man/Betch of their dreams?


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