Mountain Man Crush Monday: Ben Ogilvie

Ah, 2016.  Even though we consumed too many butter tarts, it appears we survived the holidays and have been graced with the blank canvas of a new year. With the internet abuzz with goals and life changing tips for 2016, we couldn’t help but think about our own resolutions.  Sure, we want to do all kinds of awesome things this year including shedding those Christmas pounds, skiing bigger lines, mastering the art of perfect post-helmet hair and befriending more dogs.  But we figured the best way for us to kick off the New Year would be with a fresh, new mountain man crush. While we knew it would take quite a dreamboat to follow Drew and get our year on the right (skin) track, we found just the man for the job.

Enter: Ben Ogilvie

Mile High Club // Photog: Rob Heule

We met Ben a few winters back in Fernie, BC.  He was at a mutual friend’s house brewing home-made eggnog for an upcoming party. He was wearing snow pants. Nothing else.  It was pretty embarrassing when people started to notice the cartoon hearts soaring out of our eye balls and hitting Ben’s bare, chiseled chest.

Puttin’ Out the Vibe // Photog: Mike Kvackay

When he isn’t concocting delicious cocktails and showing off his topless skills in the kitchen, Ben proves that he is truly a jack of all trades on the job site and on the ski hill.  He splits his time working as a craftsman on renovation projects in Calgary, as a coach for the Fernie Freestyle Ski Club, as an ambassador for Faction Skis and as a team rider for Commit Snow and Skate. He’s handy, kid conscious and dedicated to the brands that have supported his ski career? Someone needs to get us dry base layers because this hottie has us dripping.

All Dressed Up and Lookin’ Fine // Photog: Rob Heule

With so much on the go, Ben mentioned to us that one of his goals for this season is to better balance work and skiing.  Skiing is his release; getting to ski fast and hard in new environments is what gets him through the long work days.

Gettin’ Deep // Photog: Rob Heule

We offered to help manage his day planner but were denied the position when we accidentally let it slip that we would only be scheduling in fast and hard appointments with us.  We are still holding out hope that he will find time to pencil us in.

Poppin’ Champagne // Photog: Nick Nault

If being talented with tools and skis wasn’t enough, Ben also has a sense of humor that could melt even the iciest of mountain betches.  When we have bumped into Ben (casually and totally unplanned in a non-stalker way) over the years, one thing has remained constant: no matter the circumstances, Ben is always rocking the biggest smile.  For this reason, and all those mentioned above, we’ve added Ben to the top of our 2016 ‘to do’ list.

Feeling Fly and Havin’ Fun // Photog: Some Lucky Son of a Gun

For more information about the Fernie Freestyle Ski Club, the work Ben does with them or how to register for a session, visit the website at:

To try and look as cool as Ben check out the gear he is wearing and riding at and

To see more reasons why Ben is our first 2016 #MMCM, check out his Instagram at: @rexogilvie

If you feel you have the stuff to be a #MMCM or if you would like to nominate a rugged stud you know, fire us an email at


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