On Wednesdays We Wear Pink…Lipstick

Every other day we wear red.  Why? Somehow, the combination of colour and wax in lipstick keeps our lips safe from all of the elements mother nature is going to throw at us.

It prevents them from becoming chapped and sun/wind burnt.  Plus, it makes us look fabulous. 

Perfectly pink. Perfectly protected. // Photog: Donny Roth

We recommend that lipstick replace chapstick in your gear bags so that your lips are always protected and you’re always camera ready.  Trust us, your selfies will never look better. 

We put a little kiss on our lips. // Photog: Selfie

If you are selecting a lipstick for your outdoor adventures, steer clear of shiny, high gloss lipsticks.  These tend to act like tanning oils and actually attract damaging UV rays to your lips.  Also, with wind blowing in your hair, you’re at higher risk of hair sticking to your lips and your lipstick smearing all over your face.  Nobody wants that.  Lastly, dark or opaque colours offer the best protection against UV rays.    

You’re like, really pretty. // Photog: Jess MacNeil-Mah

 After testing a few brands for ourselves, our favorite is Rouge Shine from the Sephora Collection.  It has an awesome blend of moisturizing oils and vitamin E; lips stay soft while the colour stays put! This lipstick held up on our Chilean ski tour adventure.  From shredding pow to slogging up icy volcanoes, chasing mountain bros and dancing away after too many pisco sours, our lips stayed beautifully rouge and totally kissable ;).

Rouge Shine


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