Mountain Man Crush Monday: Drew Wittstock

Those that know us, know we have a soft spot for redheads.  They are just such elusive and majestic creatures!  We can’t resist their combination of rare, fiery personalities partnered with impossible good looks.  Would it be too much to ask for us to meet a smart, funny mountain ginger who skis like a pro?

Enter, Drew Wittstock.

Slashin’ turns and takin’ numbers. // Photog: Paul Zizka

We first stumbled upon Drew while he was working at Fresh Skis in Calgary, AB.  The discovery of this gorgeous unicorn of a man was easy on our eyes and detrimental to our wallets. If we had a dollar for every time we went into Fresh for the sole purpose of flirting with Drew… Well, we’d probably have enough cash to recoup the money we spent in there trying to make him think we’re cool.

Makin’ harnesses look good. // Photog: Malcolm Sangster

Drew always humored us fan girling all over him.  When we finally gained sufficient composure to have a conversation with him, we found out that he is actually a modest, down to earth, genuinely nice guy.

Suntan Selfie. // Photog: Drew Wittstock

Even though he’s been featured in films including Sherpas Cinema’s Sculpted in Time: The Character, he’s still been willing to ski with us on multiple occasions.  One thing is for certain, whether we are chasing him down the hill or hanging with the laid back hunk in the city, we’ve got serious thigh burn whenever Drew is near.

Droppin’ pillows and breakin’ hearts. // Photog: Dave Best

The best part about Drew though, after his tight bum and freckles of course, is the fact that he is helping shape future shredders! Drew has been a dedicated coach for the Rocky Mountain Freeriders (RMF) for as long as we can remember.  RMF is the pioneer big mountain, freestyle ski team in the Canadian Rockies. Drew spends many winter weekends charging down Lake Louise Ski Resort  with a gang of teens, ranging in age from 11 -19, close in tow behind him.  When we asked Drew about what he would like to see for the program this approaching season, he let us know that he’d ‘like it to continue to grow and keep kids involved in skiing instead of having them burn out’.  He’s also hoping to inspire more athletes to start exploring beyond the resorts: motivate them to give ski touring a shot and really embrace what is available to them in the backcountry.  He’s a babe and passionate about engaging youngsters in outdoor activities? We only had one word in response: SWOON.

Drew and the RMF crew. // Photog: Shannon Martin

Drew is based partly out of Calgary, AB and Golden, BC.  When he isn’t on the slopes, he is busy being an ambassador for Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and working with Tourism Golden. If you spot him at the Lake or Kicking Horse in the upcoming months, don’t hesitate to wrap your arms around him in a hug or throw him a high five.  Tell him the Mountain Betches told you to do so.  If you’re lucky, maybe he’ll let you tag along for a lap or two.  If you’re super lucky, maybe you can sneak in a sniff of his luscious locks for us.  We’ve been imagining they smell like coconut and eligible bachelor.

Sorry we were late. We got lost in Drew’s eyes. // Photog: Wrena Holliday

For more information about the Freeriders, the work Drew does with them or how to register for a session, visit the RMF website at:

To see more reasons why Drew is our #MMCM, check out his Instagram at: @dwitts

You can also turn up the creep by googling him.  Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.  Just kidding, we have never done that.

If you feel you have the stuff to be a #MMCM or if you would like to nominate a rugged stud you know, fire us an email at 


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