Mountain Man Crush Monday: Donny Roth

Sierra Nevada, Chile // Photog: Chelsea Maia

Donny Roth, so hot right now.

It takes a special kind of man to agree to go on a girls trip. Let alone be the only man. For 10 days. With 4 girls. In Chile.  Enter, Donny Roth.

The view from Volcan Lonquimay, Chile // Photog: Jess MacNeil-Mah

Donny Roth of Independent Descents and Chile Powder Adventures, is an AMGA certified guide and has been guiding ski trips in Chile since 2004.  He is passionate about the human powered skiing experience and pours all of himself into each aspect of every trip he guides.  With countless first ascents in Chile and a wealth of travel knowledge, Donny plans unique trips that are catered to his guests, while creating an authentic Chilean experience. Regardless of weather, illness or any other unseen adversities, he approaches each day with enthusiasm. And the biggest smile. 

Obviously, any man that can lead us up volcanoes with champagne in his pack, dance with us till 2 am after too many Pisco Sours and sing along with us to Beiber on repeat, is a total stud.  As if that wasn’t enough… He cooks. He cleans. He buys flowers.  He skis like a rockstar.  He plays conductor for impromptu synchronized swimming routines. He also takes selfies. Plus, he’s ‘sew’ cute.  Basically, Donny is what every Mountain Betch dreams of.  

5 person summit selfie – Sierra Nevada, Chile // photog: Donny Roth

During the 10 days we spent with him, Donny was the perfect guide and coach.  On the mountain, he had the patience to set a touring pace that worked for our group.  He ensured we were comfortable with the use of ski and boot crampons.  He helped us master our kick turns up steep, icy slopes.  Off the mountain, he introduced us to ‘second’ breakfast – a full meal post breakfast which we now can’t live without.  He planned group outings to keep up the positivity when Pachamama brought out the rain. He even taught us how to swear in Chilean Spanish.  

It was Donny’s cool and casual acceptance of our group that enabled us to feel comfortable with him, immediately.  He encouraged us to have confidence in ourselves and our skiing abilities.  He educated us on how important is it to pay attention to and stay true to our inner dialogue.  Everyday, he proved that he was there for us – ready to listen to our concerns and cheer us on.   

For these reasons, and many more, Donny is the newest member of our ski squad and our first Mountain Man Crush.

Poppin’ Dom Donny style – Volcan Mocho-Choshuenco, Chile // Photog: Chelsea Maia

Good luck future boyfriends; Donny has set the bar high.  Real high.  

For more information about Donny and how to book with Chile Powder Adventures (because you know to want to), visit his website at:

If you’re interested in hiring Donny to lead you up mountains elsewhere in the world, such as Colorado and Iceland, visit Independents Descents’ website at:

Or, if you just want to creep on the wicked photos Donny took of us, check out his Instagram at: @independentdescents and @chile_powder_adventures


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